Smoothest Aashu (born 25 January, 1998) known by his professional name, Smoothest Aashu is an Indian singer and Businessman. Smoothest Aashu is an Indian Singer, Rapper, songwriter and music producer from India. He started as a recording artist, and became a Smoothest Bros his Own Music Label Based in India.

Smoothest Aashu
Smoothest Aashu at Gaur City in January 2019[7]
Smoothest Aashu at Gaur City in January 2019
Background information
Birth name Ashish Sain
Born (1998-01-25) January 25, 1998
New Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
  • Bollywood
  • Light Classical
  • Acoustic music
  • Indian classical music
  • Romantic Music
  • Playback Singer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Rapper
  • Actor
Religion Hindu
Years active 2014–present
Label Smoothest Bros
Members Shehenshaah, Denim Sachin, Rayyan, Nora Hernández

Life and background

Aashu was born on 25 January 1998 to Subhash Chandra and Manju Rani, in the city of New Delhi, India. He belongs to a middle-class family, his hometown is Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. He got music skills from his great grandfather who used to be an orchestra singer of his time before Indian Freedom i.e. 1919. At the age of 10 he moved to Ghaziabad where he started learning Indian Classical music in Indian Idol Academy Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

In the age of 16 years he made his debut with the "Kya Main Hoon Hero" (Cover) which was recorded by High Quality Headphone Mic with his Personal PC. He started making own music with Audio Software after that song.

Smoothest Aashu used to sell his music those days he was not using their own music for him self, he was keep on singing Cover Songs of his favourite singers. In starting of 2016 he made a rap debut with the re-created song "Teri Jawani" with his cousin and business partner Shehenshaah, the song was written by Shehenshaah himself. After releasing this song became viral on social media people started Making Videos on the music and songs on and the song became top song in Delhi-NCR Independent Artist Playlist.

Personal Life



Smoothest Aashu sing Hindi , English, Punjabi language songs.


Year Title Artist Rating Releases
2015 Kya Main Hoon Hero Smoothest Aashu 2 1
2016 Sai Teri Leela Smoothest Aashu 4 1
2016 Teri Jawani Shahenshaah, Smoothest Aashu 3 1
2017 Mile Ho Tum Smoothest Aashu 5 1
2017 Phir Mohabbat Smoothest Aashu 3 1
2017 Kaabil Hoon Smoothest Aashu 5 1
2017 Baby Smoothest Aashu 4 1
2018 Roke Na Ruke Naina Smoothest Aashu 5 1
2021 Humnava Mere Smoothest Aashu    


Aashu well known as Ashish Sain in business industry.

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